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Guerneville WeddingHappy National Pride Month! This weekend Lisa and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary by having a lazy weekend at home. I just stepped off a 13-hour flight from Taipei after a two week trip visiting my parents. Despite exhaustion, visit this site I felt happy. While my family still has leagues to go before they’d qualify as being supportive of my marriage, sick they have come a long way.

These past few months have seen Lisa being invited on a family weekend trip to San Diego and my parents spending a few nights with us during their Stateside visit. While you can’t erase biases overnight, pills I recognize that my parents are taking significant steps towards tolerance and acceptance.

Similarly, things feel like they’re changing at quite a clip for the equality movement around the world. In the US, 20 States now have marriage equality, the latest being my birthplace of Wisconsin. Marriage truly makes a difference. Coming from someone who was quite ambivalent about the whole nuptials business, I’m surprised myself at how much more I’m enjoying my relationship with Lisa since we’ve gotten married. Marriage means something sacred, and I’m deeply grateful for the right of marriage equality.

Our film, Out & Around: Equality Isn’t a Western Invention, will capture the spirit of change. Co-Directors Lauren Fash and Ryan Suffern are anxious to complete the film this winter to present it for a 2015 release. The post production has been arduous, with the need to painstakingly translate and transcribe the 120 hours of footage. For every one hour of video footage, it takes four hours to transcribe it into written form for editing! But all the hard work is paying off, as it’s now getting closer to the feature-length final version.

Guerneville 2With all your support in the Kickstarter campaign raising $40k, a composer, editor, music supervisor, graphic designer, sound designer, sound mixer and colorist have been brought on board. Lauren and Ryan showed a collection of scenes this year at a University of Southern California Film School alumni screening and got a lot of positive feedback from colleagues in LA. We’re ready for the festival run in 2015 and can’t wait to share the message of the film with the world.

For everyone who donated on the Kickstarter campaign, we apologize for the delay in your rewards. We’re going to mail out all the rewards this month. Kickstarter doesn’t provide individual emails only allows us to collect mailing addresses once. Please look out for the email and respond in a timely manner so that we can get you your Out & Around swag.

Happy Pride to us all!

Love Jenni (Lisa, Ryan, and Lauren)

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