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Drum roll…After three years, The Film is Done!

Cliff house photo
Anniversary dinner

Last week, Lisa and I celebrated our 6th anniversary together as a couple the way we have nearly every year before – dinner at the Cliff House restaurant, sun setting over Ocean Beach (might I add, it’s always been clear on this night despite our neighborhood’s foggy reputation), glass of champagne to start and a butterscotch pots de creme to finish.

We had a special toast this year. When we started Out & Around, it was a small idea – born out of a need for purpose, a desire for adventure, and a hope to find other people in the world who were living lives that we could identify with. Now, this small idea has snowballed into something far bigger. Out of the 120 hours of amateur camera footage that we filmed, Directors Lauren Fash and Ryan Suffern and their team have created an engaging and inspiring story that Lisa and I are incredibly proud of.

O&A Team Brunch
Left to right: Ryan (with adorable daughter Pearl), Lauren, Susan, Lisa, Jenni

We’ve been blown away by how people are responding. Artists like Mary Lambert & Macklemore, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, Tegan & Sara and Moby have jumped in to lend their music to the soundtrack. Actress Abbie Cornish came on board as the film’s narrator. And we’ve added a new member to our core Out & Around team with social outreach expert  Megan Oliveira, who is building the platform to make this film have a real impact beyond its 82min of screen time.

It’s just going to get better. We have an exciting partnership in the works which could really multiply the scale of this project, and we’ve submitted the film to the most acclaimed festivals around the world. Keep your fingers crossed that the early praise we’ve received leads to a premiere at a preferred festival in early 2015. Stay tuned and be sure to keep up with us on our Facebook and Twitter accounts as we prepare for the launch of the film.

We know that all this is not because Lisa and I are all that special. But it is because we decided to do something, however small, and we tapped into something that inspired others. We believe that this film captures the inspiration that is leading the movement for equality around the world, and we can’t wait to show it to you.

Thank you for all your support. 

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