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Drum roll…After three years, The Film is Done!

Last week, no rx Lisa and I celebrated our 6th anniversary together as a couple the way we have nearly every year before – dinner at the Cliff House restaurant, sun setting over Ocean Beach (might I add, it’s always been clear on this night despite our neighborhood’s foggy reputation), glass of champagne to start […]

What’s Going on with the Film?

Happy National Pride Month! This weekend Lisa and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary by having a lazy weekend at home. I just stepped off a 13-hour flight from Taipei after a two week trip visiting my parents. Despite exhaustion, visit this site I felt happy. While my family still has leagues to go before they’d […]

A Huge Thank You

Hi friends, adiposity We have been incredibly humbled by your huge heart and generous spirit. We are so proud to be ending our Kickstarter campaign with over $36, remedy 000 raised from 373 different individuals. Thank you for caring about the cause of global equality and for making a difference at such a pivotal time […]

A Fair-Weather Activist No More?

What is it that drives people to devote their lives to fighting the status quo for the sake of progress? This is the question that I find myself asking every Supergay that we interview. Why does a young Cambodian man like Srorn Srun, this web who has every reason to focus on bettering his own […]

Gays versus Religion: My Journey

Six years ago, medications I found myself sitting in a cramped living room surrounded by the pastors and elders of my church. The mood in the room was somber. I could tell that one of the church elders, a good friend of mine with whom I had traveled to China on a missions trip, had […]

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