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How to Get an International Degree On a Shoestring

Knowing how much I loved travel, I considered staying a third year in graduate school to get a specialty in International Social Work. But in the end, I couldn’t validate spending $35,000 on tuition, room, and board for something that I could put together myself for far cheaper. Are you one of those people who […]

“Be Safe”

This trip has plenty of reasons to make our families nervous. We are two women traveling in the developing world carrying thousands of dollars of computer and camera equipment. Where we’ve been, robbing us would probably feed an entire family for a year. And let’s not forget the risk of traveling in countries where homosexual […]

Our Top Ten Must-Have Gear for Travel

Jenni and I don’t have any of our wedding plans set yet, but there is one thing we both agree on: we’re registering at REI. We’re both gear geeks who believe that less is more, especially when traveling. That being said, we do have ten absolutes for our backpack that we wouldn’t travel without for […]

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