Supergay David Kuria: Kenya’s First Openly Gay Political Candidate

In a country where homosexual acts are illegal, you would never believe that an openly gay man could run for public office. And yet, David Kuria has never backed down from standing for his beliefs. He’s been Kenya’s most visible activist beginning with his work as Chairman of the Kenya Gay and Lesbian Coalition of […]

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Cheryl Dumesnil, “When Lesbo Mom Reads to the First Graders”

Never missing a teachable moment, more about Supermom, Supergay, and Superwriter  Cheryl Dumesnil contributed this article to Out & Around. We love her as our California correspondent writing about the crossroads of parenthood, lesbians and suburbia. The Queerest Book on the Shelf or When Lesbo Mom Reads to the First Graders My kids’ bookcase is […]

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Quiz: Are You a SuperGay or a SuperAlly?

After traveling through 11 countries and completing 40 SuperGay, SuperTrans, SuperQueer and SuperAlly interviews, Jenni and I have noticed that the extraordinary LGBT individuals we’ve interviewed all share certain Superhero characteristics. Are you one of them? Take our quiz to find out… 1) Y/N – Do you love yourself? If you’re LGBT identified, then you’ve […]

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