Come to our Rockin’ Out Launch Party as we send off Jenni and Lisa to find the Supergays around the world and launch!

Why you should come: Its going to be an awesome party with the the best of San Francisco’s female folk, malady rock and indie music rockin’ out the show. Valerie Orth, Judea Eden and Camp Out will be performing. Former San Francisco Supervisor and Mayoral Candidate Bevan Dufty will be guest speaking.

When: June 18, 4-9pm
Where: Rebel Bar, 1760 Market St, San Francisco









What our project is about: In July, Jenni and Lisa are traveling for a year across Asia, Africa and South America in search of the queers. Out and Around is a collection of our conversations with gay people around the world who are creating change for the LGBT community. By telling the stories of these Supergays, Out and Around hopes to inspire the gay community, decrease homophobia, and raise awareness on gay issues in the developing world.

How you can help: We need to raise $6,000 to reach people with our message of hope. Bar tips, raffle tickets, and t-shirt sales from the party will raise funds for this project. Please visit our campaign at to financially support us.

More on the performers:

Valerie Orth: Valerie labels her own music as “hard folk” and draws on influences as diverse as Ani DiFranco and Me’shell N’degeocello, Zap Mama and Bjork. Still, Valerie’s dynamic range as a performer is made all the more compelling by what the East Bay Express calls a “completely intuitive composition style.” She just released her real debut, full-length album, Faraway City.

Judea Eden: From the fist-pumper to the tear jerker, Judea Eden is a master songwriter of “the good stuff”! Judea crafts tunes you will have stuck in your head long after the show. Her voice is one of those Etta James meets Jeanette Napolitano wonders that goes down sultry-smooth. Her seasoned band mates feature electric and acoustic guitars slick as whips, keyboards elastic as a rubber band, bass that digs deep under your skin, and drums that pound and pulsate like a love rollercoaster.

Camp Out: Camp Out is a female two-piece indie rock band from San Francisco. Combining heart-felt pop sensibility with modern looping, effects and synthesis, the band delivers a dynamic live performance that pushes the boundaries of what a two-piece indie rock band from San Francisco is capable of. From Curve Magazine: “Watch out, Tegan and Sara, there’s a new cute female duo making waves on the indie pop-rock scene. San Franciscans Maddy Hanks and Jackie Law make upbeat, lo-fi tunes that are sure to warm little gay hearts everywhere.”

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