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We’re on a journey to take a break from our lives, what is ed follow our dreams, price and tell the story of extraordinary people that we meet through our travels. We hope you can find our ideas and tips useful as you follow your own dreams.

Places We Like: Here is our list of the top accommodations and attractions for each country that we visit.

Our Packing List: Wondering how we packed for a one-year trip that that involves everything from climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro to beach-combing in the Philippines to enjoying the nightlife of Rio de Janeiro? Check out our video and packing list here.

Websites We Like: We’ve gotten a lot of great information and ideas through other websites. Here are a handful of our favorite ones.

On Queer Issues Around the World:

Int’l Gay & Lesbian Human Rights
Marriage Equality USA
Gay Families in America
LGBT Advocacy videos for California

On Travel & Lifestyle:
Married with Luggage
Briefcase to Backpack
Our Travel Experiment
The Conversationalist

How-to Articles: We have written several articles on how we’ve managed to take a break from our lives for a year and travel around the world. Check out our full list of how-to articles, buy more about including our series on How to Travel on a Social Worker’s Budget and How to Get Over Your Excuses to Follow a Dream.