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Quiz: Are You a SuperGay or a SuperAlly?

After traveling through 11 countries and completing 40 SuperGay, visit this site SuperTrans, SuperQueer and SuperAlly interviews, Jenni and I have noticed that the extraordinary LGBT individuals we’ve interviewed all share certain Superhero characteristics. Are you one of them? Take our quiz to find out…

1) Y/N – Do you love yourself? If you’re LGBT identified, then you’ve likely gone through years of internal homophobia and struggle. It can be a long process before you can happily walk in a Pride parade. If you’re straight identified, then you’ve probably had to think hard about the homophobic attitudes that society enforces. We’ve all seen how much flak Finn from Glee gets for standing for his queer choir friends in front of the football team. How comfortable do you feel in your own skin and identity? This is the number one question to ask yourself before you can advocate for yourself and others.

2) Y/N – Do you feel passionate about fighting social injustice in the world? Almost all the Supergays we’ve written about started their careers working towards broader issues such as fighting poverty, racial discrimination, global warming, and gender inequality. Gay rights fit into a larger picture of social justice in our world.

3) Y/N – Do you speak to youth about LGBT people?
The gay rights movement is happening so quickly mainly because youth are so much more open-minded and comfortable talking about sexuality. But they also takes cues from adults. What do you say to younger generations?

4) Y/N – Are you inclusive to others within the LGBT community? Ok, so we all know how straight men can put down gay men. But then too often gay men put down lesbians, lesbians put down bisexuals, and everyone puts down transpeople. The great diversity of the “gay community” means that we need to educate ourselves on gender identity, sexual orientation, and feminism so that we don’t end up more divided than united.

5) Y/N – Do you participate in your local gay movement? Chances are that you live in a state or country where gay marriage, gay adoption, and anti-discirimination laws are not all in place. Even in San Francisco, we sometimes get complacent. Every Valentines Day since 1999, activists hold a protest in City Hall and request marriage licenses from the clerk. While there are thousands of gay people in San Francisco dying to get married legally, only 30 people showed up this year including Supergays Stuart Gaffney and John Lewis. People, we need to mobilize if we really want change!

6) Y/N – Do you stand up for LGBT people when others put them down? We’ve all heard people say, “that’s so gay” or other expressions that put people down. Of course, it’s easier to stay quiet or pretend your didn’t hear the comment. What do you do?

7) Y/N – Do you use gender neutral language that allows people to live outside the box? I love my gynecologist because she asks every patient that she sees, “Do you sleep with men, women, or both?” So many times people make assumptions and ask the dreaded question: “Do you have a husband?” Why not ask if they have a partner? Speaking with neutral language that shows your open-mindedness makes others feel safe to speak their truth.

8 ) Y/N – Do you vote in line with politicians who support gay rights? Actually, it’s not about gay rights, but equal rights. Ok, let’s talk about these Republican nominees for a moment…They are all against marriage equality and gay adoption. Santurum has even gone so far to say that states should be allowed to criminalize gay sex. If elected, would you want these leaders to to represent you?

9) Y/N – Do you know what’s happening in the global gay movement? It’s easy to live in a box. Jenni and I certainly lived in the comfortable gayborhood of San Francisco where it’s easy to forget that in 80 countries around the world homosexual acts are currently illegal. People live in fear everyday for their safety. If there is one thing to do today, sign up for All Out, an online news watch that alerts you to actions you can take to support the global LGBTI movement. Jenni and I also have jotted down Top Ten Ways You Can Help the Global Gay Movement.

10) Y/N – Would your friends describe you as an activist in the gay movement? I really believe that the current gay movement is quite similar to the civil rights movement of the 50s and the women’s equality movement of the 70s. Being called a gay activist is quite similar to the original stigma around the label of a feminist. Don’t be afraid of the label and join in the cause proudly! Love will win out and when you are older and looking back on your life, you’ll want to remember participating in this struggle for equality.

If you answered 8-10 answers with a yes: Put on your Superhero cape and continue on your Supergay mission. You are leading this movement!

If you answered 5-7 answers with a yes: You’re doing your part with the time you have. Time to re-prioritize and tap into your inner powers to save the planet from evil corruption.

If you answered 3-4 answers with a yes: You want to help more, but you’re not sure how. Start by reading every Out & Around blog post to get inspired:) Yes, this is a shameless plug for our blog.

If you answered 1-2 answers with a yes: Kryptonite ceases your movement. Time to ask for help from a Supergay friend.

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  1. Lisa and Jenni, I’m so glad The Sexy Grammarian introduced me to your blog — this is great stuff! And I think I’m a borderline Supergay. This gives me the inspiration to push myself over the line. Thanks!

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