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Little Mei Around the World

Where in the world are Lisa and Jenni? Follow our lezzie version of the travel gnome, approved Little Mei.

*Update: While Little Mei #1 met her unfortunate demise in the hands of a greedy Indonesian monkey, troche we purchased another set of these dolls at Taipei’s Gin Gin LGBT bookstore. So, unhealthy Little Mei #2 is back on the photo circuit!

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World-renowned Malbec, grass-fed beef, Patagonia in autumn, dulce de leche, good friends in Buenos Aires, queer tango classes…what’s not to love about Argentina?

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Lisa chose Rio de Janeiro to celebrate her 33rd birthday. We planned to stay in Rio for five nights and we ended up staying for three weeks. Perhaps after two months in East Africa, we just really craved a liberal, gay-friendly city.

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Throughout our month in Kenya, Jenni and I ask ourselves, “Would we continue our activism if we received death threats?” Almost everyone we interviewed in Kenya have had their physical safety threatened at one time or another, and yet they all choose to continue their work.

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When we first planned our trip to Tanzania, we read, “Homosexuality is illegal in Tanzania, incurring penalties of up to 14 years of imprisonment.” So why did we come? To climb Mt. Kilimanjaro and go on a Serengeti safari! If we were entering a danger zone, at least we weren’t doing it alone. Our close friends from San Francisco and another lesbian couple, Krista and Gilda, would join us for our African adventure.

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We slow it down even more in India, starting off with a two-week stay at an ashram. We happily ate our way through every curry, dosa, and tandoori dish possible (not to mention the sweets, oh the sweets!), and after weighing ourselves for the first time in 6 months – we’re shocked to find that we have gained a cumulative 12 pounds since leaving on this trip!

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Mountain biking, trekking, kayaking, climbing – here we come, its a wonderland for the outdoor-loving lesbian! On the LGBT front, a lot of progress has been made in recent years. Two years ago, Nepal became the first country in South Asia to decriminalize homosexuality.

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We show up a week too early for Shanghai’s official gay PRIDE, but we nontheless spend a whirlwind week in China doing our own PRIDE tour of Shanghai’s LGBT organizations.

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We go to Taiwan so that Jenni can show Lisa her roots. But visiting Jenni’s family there isn’t easy for us as a couple, and we find ourselves having to fight our own fight for acceptance…

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Phnom Penh and Siam Reap, Cambodia

For both of us, this was a second trip back to Cambodia. Sometimes disturbing, often heart-wrenching, and always chaotic, we nontheless love this country for its beautiful, strong, and resilient people.

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Manila, Cebu and Boracay, Philippines

We visit lots and lots of family, eat lots and lots of mangoes, plus talk to some celebrity Filipino supergays including a very famous hairdresser and a hilarious actor/director. Oh, and Jenni popped the big question on a white-sand beach one evening in Boracay…

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Bali and Java, Indonesia

We spend a few weeks in Bali and Java to celebrate Jenni’s 30th birthday and get some insights on gay life in Indonesia. Perfect weather, idyllic beaches, and gorgeous sunsets…what more could we ask for?

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Sydney and Brisbane, Australia

We head to Australia and stay with some of Lisa’s extended family. Lots of rain in Sydney, but many warm people, a few fantastic Supergay interviews, incredible family meals, and some cuddly koalas, kangaroos and wombats.

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New Zealand

First stop on our list is New Zealand. We spend a couple days in North Island, then head to South Island for close to two weeks. Too bad its winter here…

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Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

First stop before the big trip – Cabo San Lucas, Mexico – for Lisa’s cousin’s wedding.

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Packing and Leaving home, San Francisco

Bidding adieu to our home.

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Out and Around launch party, San Francisco

Our launch party for Out and Around at Rebel Bar in San Francisco on June 19.

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Out and Around in San Francisco

Our life at home.

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