In June 2011, cheapest we leave our San Francisco home to travel the world in search of these “Supergays”. We write about our journeys as a lesbian couple and share the accounts of these extraordinary individuals that we meet during our not-so-straight travels.

We are in the process of nailing down our itinerary. The countries are pretty settled (this was quite a negotiation process, more about and we had to remind ourselves that this wouldn’t be the only time in our lives we would ever get to travel.) Part of the challenge is that we want to visit new places, but between the two of us we have already covered much of the globe prior to being together. In the end, we used the following criteria for choosing our destinations:

Places where the LGBT movement is just starting to take shape. We are interested in documenting queer life in societies where LGBT awareness is still nascent. Our goal is to find the brave souls who are leading the charge for gay rights and tell their stories.

Places where we speak the language. If we want to have meaningful exchanges with people, we have to be able to communicate. Luckily for us, Lisa is fluent in Spanish and Jenni is fluent in Chinese, and we both of course speak English. So between these three, we’re pretty well covered.

Places where our dollar stretches far. This means we’re traveling almost exclusively in developing countries. All the non-white places of the world (Plus these are far more interesting anyways.)

Places where we have existing personal connections. We are returning to a few places where we already have friendships from previous travels. We will also visit places where we have family, such as Australia and Taiwan.

Here is our preliminary schedule:

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  1. So excited to hear all about this!!!! And I hope, hope, hope to be in Chile by the time you two reach there!

  2. This is awesome. I’m an Australian queer trans woman and what you are doing is pretty much what I am planning to do for all of 2012 but I’ll most likely be doing only North America and Europe. I’ll be looking at how other queer people are living their lives, writing and having some fun in the process. I’ll be following you with interest.

    1. So happy to have you on our journey Cassandra. Australia is our first country and we can’t wait to visit.

  3. Dear Lisa and Jenni,
    I am so excited for you both and proud of what you are doing! Bon Voyage!
    Love, Nan

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