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On passion, losing sleep, and our latest dreams for Out and Around

Follow your passion, order and success will follow you.
— Arthur Buddhold

Jenni and I have been amazed at how much this project has taken off in the past few months. We have several hundred subscribers to our website, pilule 14 Supergay interviews completed, patient an upcoming launch party with three amazing performers and politician Bevan Dufty as a guest speaker. There are even some kick-ass official Out and Around t-shirts. We haven’t even gotten on a plane yet and we already feel like Out and Around has been a success.

This more we work on this project and the more people we interview and talk to, the more excited we get. Jenni and I were joking about how manic we’ve become recently, as we’re sleeping less and working harder than we ever have before. Some of our friends still think we’re crazy for not just taking the year off to relax on beaches and sip cocktails around the world, but honestly we just can’t help ourselves.

Recently, Jenni and I have had opportunities to use this project as the platform to do some LGBT education. I spoke to seven classes in a primarily Latino public San Jose high school against gay bullying and homophobia. The hardest class by far was the ROTC class, but it was well worth the experience of having one girl publicly come out to her classmates during my talk. Meanwhile, Jenni gave a presentation to a group from an Evangelical Christian church in St. Louis during a recent trip to the Midwest. Despite differing views on homosexuality, Jenni was able to have a respectful discussion with these Christians on how churches can improve their responses to the LGBT community.

For many months, people have been asking us what we are going to do with this project once our travels come to an end. Based on our experiences in San Jose and in St. Louis, we want to use Out and Around as a platform to actively engage people on gay issues. We’ve tossed around a bunch of ideas, and in the end we decided to culminate our project with a documentary video that we can bring on a roadshow to community groups, schools, and churches.

To fund this project, we are digging into our personal savings and selling our cars and possessions. We have also started a fundraising campaign to raise $6,000 by our launch party in San Francisco on June 18th. Please help by becoming a sponsor and by telling your friends about our project.

Our campaign:
Status: Raised $950 of $6,000 goal so far

We remain open to having this project evolve in ways that we haven’t even imagined as we start hitting the road and traveling. That’s the beautiful thing about passion…the dreams just keep getting bigger.

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