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New Zealand & Australia Wrap Up

Jenni and Lisa: A Reality TV show?
Learning How to Become Guerrilla Documentary Filmmakers, remedy we’re taking our cameras everywhere. For two camera shy people, viagra buy we’re starting to get comfortable as if we’re reality tv stars.  For every country we visit, about it we post a video log of our travel adventures (and mishaps) along with clips from our Supergay interviews. We’re glad you loved our last video about renting a campervan throughout New Zealand.

Check out our latest VIDEO: What is “Family” Life Like in Australia? Click below for our latest video…

Who doesn’t love men in uniform,  gays in public office and Olympians?
It was easy to Find Family in Australia and New Zealand. We hung out with the lesbians in Sydney and the transgender support group in Brisbane. We found standout Supergays including Olympian Blake Skjellerup who tours New Zealand on an anti-bullying campaign and two hot Air Force Officers who will soon will provide consultation to the US military. We also interviewed Parliament member Kevin Hague and former High Court Judge Michael Kirby who work tirelessly for legal change for LGBT rights.

When will we get to be on Ellen show?
As you can see on our In the Media page, the word about our project has been spreading fast.  The San Francisco Examiner reported on us this week and the national lesbian magazine, Curve, featured our story. The press helps our project tremendously, especially when we receive emails from individuals living abroad with suggestions on who we should meet. I keep writing Ellen, so perhaps we’ll dance with her someday ….

Thinking About Traveling to New Zealand or Australia?

We’ve learned that a travel tip from a friend can be invaluable! New Zealand and Australia brought out our adventurous sides. On our new Places We Liked Site, you can check out which companies we used to abseil down a canyon, hike on a glacier, and rent a campervan.

Hot Lesbian Photos

We head to Australia and stay with some of Lisa’s extended family. Lots of rain in Sydney, but many warm people, a few fantastic Supergay interviews, incredible family meals, and some cuddly koalas, kangaroos and wombats.

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New Zealand

A sporty dykes dreamland! How many outdoor adventure sports in picturesque settings can we do?

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  1. Lisa and Jenni, I continue to be amazed by your journey! We miss you back here but the inspiration makes up for it!

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