Where is Little Mei now?



Follow Little Mei on her journey to find the Supergays

We are taking Little Mei around the world and photographing her in front of landmarks throughout our travels. She’s a lot more photogenic than a garden gnome, sale and she’s pocket-sized too.

Who is Little Mei?

Jenni picked up this plastic figurine in a gay bookstore in Taiwan. Little Mei was part of a set of three figurines labeled as “Come Out Dolls.” Each doll comes with a unique name, story and personal motto. There is Antony, struggling inside his closet, who advises you to “take a different look and just relax.” Then there is Otake, happy in his gay identity but not out in public, who encourages you to “be yourself, its very fulfilling.” And lastly there is the lesbian activist of the bunch, Little Mei, who stands on top of her closet brandishing a megaphone and suggests that you should “just take a stand, it’s no problem!”

Of course, we decided that Little Mei would be most appropriate to take on our journey.

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