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How to Travel on a Social Worker’s Salary: Belief #2

From the Series: How to Travel on a Social Worker’s Salary…

Belief #1: I am Not Poor

Belief #2: Simplify Vacations at Home to Travel Abroad

When I travel in the US, viagra I never stay at hotels. Your average hotel in a big city can cost $200 a night. That is like ten nights in a hostel in Chile or four nights in a high end hotel in Kenya! I just can’t justify such a high expense on top of rental cars and restaurant expenses. My vacation days in the States are spent locally in California, web in a tent, in a friend’s extra room, or in a shared rented vacation home.

This year, Jenni and I have had many memorable vacations in a tent. You make a $100 investment on a lifetime guaranteed tent from REI, and you have your first vacation home. We are big hikers, so we spent our vacations days this summer at Yosemite, Santa Cruz, and Guerneville. Why pay for an expensive hotel room with a view when you can camp in the middle of the view? There is nothing like the outdoors to feel like you’ve gotten away. And the group camping spots are usually only around $20 a night. When we go camping, we often spend less than we would at home in the city so it actually turns out to be a way to save as well.

Another memorable vacation was one we took at home. One three-day weekend, our close friends Krista and Gilda wanted to go away with us. We looked for affordable getaways but could not find any reasonable accommodations. So, we had a stay-cation. Krista and Gilda stayed in our guest room and we spent the weekend going to different places in our San Francisco neighborhood that we never had time to explore. We visited the local irish pub, made fools of ourselves at a karaoke bar down the street, checked out the neighborhood coffee shop, and ended the night cooking together and sharing a meal at home.  It reminded me that the best parts of vacation are spending time with friends.

Lastly, we had three weekends this year in rented vacation homes. I love vacation rentals by owner. A lot of times the owner would rather rent a place to you at a discount than let the place stay vacant. We had vacations in Tahoe, Mendocino, and Napa for around $60 a night per couple. If you have friends that you enjoy vacationing with, you can save yourself a bundle.

Remember, this isn’t not about seeing how cheap you can be while in the States. Its about vacationing more simply in an expensive economy to live more extraordinarily on a vacation abroad!

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  1. Lisa, This is fabulous reflection and writing. Feeling lucky to have glimpses of your trip preparation! Love it.

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