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How to pack for a 1 year round the world trip

How do you pack for a yearlong trip around the world that involves everything from climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro to beach-combing in the Philippines to enjoying the nightlife of Rio de Janeiro?

To answer this question, link I started researching travel websites and blogs of other world travelers and carefully analyzed their pack lists. To come up with our own list, I relied on several overarching principles:

Pack far less than you think you should.
Bring some “normal-looking” clothing so you don’t always look so touristy.
Forget about the hiking boots.
Don’t bother with toiletries, those are easy to come by.
Do bother with medicines, those can be difficult to come by.
Worse comes to worse, have a friend mail you something you absolutely need.

VIDEO: So what did we end up packing? We each took one backpacking pack and one daypack. Here is what we put in them.

Here is our detailed packing list. We’ll keep you updated on what things we end up taking out as we go along our trip, and what we end up adding in.

1 pair of trail running shoes
1 pair of flip flops
1 pair of Keen sandals
1 pair of Born sandals that look kind of street-normal (Jenni)
4 pairs of Ex Officio underwear
2 bras
1 swimsuit that can double as underwear/sport bra
3 pairs of socks
1 pair of leggings (Jenni)
1 pair of convertible pants
1 pair of jeans
1 black skirt (Jenni)
1 dress (Jenni)
2 pairs of shorts
3-4 short-sleeved shirts
1 button-up shirt (for when we need to look a little nicer)
2-3 tank tops
1 long-sleeve shirt
1 set of thermal underwear
1 pair of running shorts
1 light jacket
1 North Face vest
1 heavy jacket, to be mailed back home after New Zealand/Australia
1 scarf
2 hats (running and hiking hat)
1 pair of sunglasses

North Face toiletry bag
Travel towel
Earplugs and eyemask
Toothbrush (with covers that have suction caps for hanging)
Toothpaste and floss
Several months supply of contacts (Lisa)
Face and body lotion
Razor and blades
Soap (the stuff that doubles as detergent)
Shampoo + Conditioner
Face wash
Night cream
Small pair of scissors
2 month supply of tampons (these can be hard to come by in certain countries)
Insect repellent
Cosmetics (the bare minimum)
5 small sacks of our medicines with everything from Lisa’s allergy pills to our malaria meds

Other gear:
Steripen (Jenni is highly concerned about water supply in Asia)
Clothesline (the elastic stuff where you don’t need pins is the best)
Plastic rain poncho
Small journal
Luggage lock (make sure its TSA approved)
Sleeping bag liner (for sketchy hostels)

1 laptop each
Camera (we chose the best point-and-shoot we could find, the Canon G12)
Camcorder (Canon Vixia)
Kindle (fantastic for having Lonely planet guides without lugging around a ton of books)
External hard drives (lest we lose our video footage and pictures!)
A small sack worth of chargers, cords, and back-up batteries

What didn’t make the final cut:
Jenni’s guitar (sadly, despite being a folding guitar, it was still too big for international airline carry-on)

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  1. Fantastic video girls! We are doing the same thing, I love doing time lapse of anything. When we get back from our trip, we will be posting our video and trip and definitely share it with you both!

    Great Ocean Road here we come <3

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