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How to Get Over Your Excuses to Follow a Dream. Excuse #5

This is part of a 5 blog series telling you my top five excuses…..

If you’ve ever wondered, symptoms “could I leave my job and travel for a year?” The answer is if I can, you can. Most who know me would call me practical, predictable, even. I had many excellent reasons not to pack my bags and go.

Excuse #1 I can’t afford a trip

Excuse #2: I won’t find a job upon my return.

Excuse #3: I have too much responsibility

Excuse #4: I can’t leave my house.

Excuse #5: I’m too old to backpack again

Excuses #5: ( I had a lot of excuses). I’m too old to pick up my backpack again. I told Jenni that I had already had the 20’s something backpacking experience. I studied abroad in Italy and Spain my junior year in college. Then I did the Peace Corp thing in Chile for two years after college. I took advantage of my third year and the gap year before you were supposed to get a real job. Now I was in my 30’s. I actually owned office clothes. I felt as if I should stay on a career track and get serious about family life.

Jenni then got me the book One Year Off: Leaving It All Behind for a Round-the-World Journey with Our Children by David Cohen. It is a hilarious true story about a guy who freaks out at forty, sells everything, and travels with his wife and three kids under the age of nine. I could see that Jenni was not going to give up on this dream and that I could chose to go now or with kids in tow someday. I chose to skip having to go to Euro Disney and backpack now.

So, while I thought I had traveled enough, I knew that it was a lame excuse. We’re so lucky in our world to have a US passport, a gateway to opportunity and travel that is denied to other citizens of the world. Arguing that I had traveled enough is like announcing that once you graduate from college, you have completed learning and no longer have to read any more books. I had forgotten the pivotal role those travel experiences played in my self-growth. And I still have a lot more growing up to do.

I would love to hear some comments….

What do you feel too old to do and what is your excuse?


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