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How to Get Over Your Excuses to Follow a Dream. Excuse #4

This is part of a 5 blog series telling you my top five excuses…..

If you’ve ever wondered, viagra buy “could I leave my job and travel for a year?” The answer is if I can, check you can. Most who know me would call me practical, predictable, even. I had many excellent reasons not to pack my bags and go.

Excuse #1 I can’t afford a trip

Excuse #2: I won’t find a job upon my return.

Excuse #3: I have too much responsibility

Excuse #4:  I can’t leave my house!

My house is my roots. It’s the home I rebuilt when the loss of my parents destroyed my sense of security. Inside, I had accumulated a lot of stuff. I felt grounded living in that house. After all, my grandparents were the only owners and lived there for over half a century.

At the same time, the dream of a home was only half realized. I had a breakdown a couple years ago at Home Depot trying to choose paint colors by myself. I watched other couples in the paint section, playing with the color machine to design their new room. They had someone to share the process with.

The last two years Jenni and I have maintained our own places. We said that we didn’t want to move in together until we were really ready to combine our lives. I was proud of myself for holding out on co-habitating for more than two years. What a good Catholic lesbian! When Jenni moved out of her rent-controlled apartment after 5 years last week, she had a mini meltdown giving up her independence.

Letting go of our places and choosing to “live together” for the first time while backpacking is a leap of faith. We are trying to build a nest and settle down, not with possessions but with time together. This trip creates a new, exciting  challenge of finding security in myself and in one another.

I would love to hear comments….

What material possessions provide you with the feeling of security?

Ever let go of a possession to be surprised with a better reward?

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2 Responses

  1. Lisa and Jenni –
    What a great idea! I’m very impressed with your courage to drop everything and follow your shared passion. I love your video, and I’m looking forward to reading your blog as you travel around the world.

    Making a home and feeling secure is important to me as well. I’m attached to my creature comforts and my little furry friend who sleeps with me at night and wakes me purring every morning. When I travel, I really miss my kitty, my close friends, and my daily routine.

  2. Wow, what an inspiring story. That kind of freedom, from the religious lifestyle that people seem to mold into, will help to cement your relationship. Beginning a journey together should help to teach both of you what makes the other tick, her quirks, and how to put full trust in your bond. I love the purpose behind this “swimming with the sharks” tactic you’re taking. Blessings, and best of luck, Lisa and Jenni.

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