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Our Story


Out & Around is an inspiring feature documentary about two women’s journey to find the global leaders of the LGBT movement.

When Jenni & Lisa first fell in love, sick they vowed to follow a life of adventure. But this business manager and social worker had no idea that their promise would lead them to leave their 9-5 jobs, pick up a video camera, and travel through Asia, Africa and South America in search of the people who are leading the movement for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender equality. Combining intimate verite and video-journal footage of this couple’s yearlong journey with their interviews of LGBT leaders across the developing world, Out & Around documents the momentous changes occurring in the status of queer people around the world today. The film follows Jenni and Lisa as they prepare for their trip, hunt for the LGBT leaders, get engaged on a beach in the Philippines, travel through 15 countries of adventure, struggle with their identities and their relationship, and meet extraordinary people who are changing the world.


We want to expose people to the global struggle of the LGBT civil rights movement. It’s easy to think only in terms of what’s happening currently in the US. But our fight for equal rights is occurring throughout the world, not just here at home. Homosexuality is still illegal in 76 countries and punishable by death or life imprisonment in 10.

And while many documentaries have addressed LGBT issues in developing countries, none have offered an intimate portrait across such a wide-breadth of geographies threaded together by the personal journey of one couple whose own story mirrors that of the global movement. We want to take you on the adventure with us.

Jenni and Lisa signed on with filmmakers Lauren Fash and Susan Graham who will act as director and producer.  Their latest film Quiet has been recognized as a film that’s captured our changing attitudes in the US about gay rights.  They believe Out & Around will be the first mainstream film to document gay rights on a global level.

Responses We’ve Received

It’s awesome to experience and see what is going on around the world with the community and to see common threads within humanity. – Todd

You don’t know me, but I came across your page and this feedback you left about your journey with your parents and your coming out. I was with someone for three years who could never tell her parents about us and struggled with this transition. You and Lisa are a true inspiration to our community! Good luck! – Jacque

This is a great reminder that our personal stories can really make a difference! Tell your story today — it’s the single best way to change hearts and minds. – Grassroots Activist

I so appreciate your practical financial approach to living your dream! Thanks for painting a bit more on this canvas of life so that I may see other supportive and not so scary ways to live the dream life! Way to go. – Kristie