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A Day in the Life of a Balinese HIV Outreach Worker

What is life really like for an everyday Balinese person who is gay?

We spend a day with 20-year old Agra, viagra buy who works as an HIV outreach worker in central Bali where he grew up. A son of a rice farmer, Agra cares greatly for his community and spends five days a week educating and counseling high-risk individuals about HIV prevention. “I care about the people,” says Agra, “all of the problem of my friends, not only HIV, I care…I want to help. I meet with the owner of this [HIV outreach center]. Before I do it by myself, but now I do it with [this HIV outreach center] and it is better.”

We meet Agra and his boyfriend Putu at the small flat that they share with Agra’s sister. As in all countries social work barely pays the bills, so to supplement his income Agra also works part-time at a tourist restaurant. His family still works in their village as rice farmers, and eventually Agra hopes to become an organic rice farmer himself and “help global warming.”

Agra and Putu are a bit shy when we first arrive, but eventually they warm up to us and our cameras. They are curious about our lives as well, and we answer their questions about the queer community in the States. They look incredulous when we tell them how our gay couple friends have families through technologies like surrogacy and sperm washing.

Lisa and I hop on the back of their motorbikes, and our two Balinese friends give us a whirlwind tour of their hometowns. Seeing their villages, meeting their families, and visiting their temples, we get a glimpse of what their lives are like…

VIDEO: What is a day in the life of an everyday Balinese person? How “out” can gay people be? What does it really mean to be a Supergay in a country like Indonesia?


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  1. AndyThat happened to me as well. I suttred the guy instead of waiting to see the test results. I tell everyone you must assume anyone you have sex with is positive no matter what they say. Its too great a risk and is a huge impact on your life. I also fault many aritcles put out by the Hiv community making it seem like living wiht Hiv is no big deal.Never have bareback sex with anyone until you’ve known him or her for a couple of years and know all about him or her. Make sure you know all thier friends etc. If they try to hid something don’t go bareback with him or her. Even after being so careful there’s no guaruntee you know them completely and will never catch Hiv. Then the meds may make you grow man boobs and you may get lipodystrophy a fat gut. Won’t that be attractive!!

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