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12 days left to raise remaining $1,894 – Could you help?

We’ve been out of the country for four weeks now (minus a 48 hour stopover between Cabo San Lucas and Auckland to move Lisa’s father to a new senior home). Here’s a quick rundown of the Good and the Bad so far.

The Good: We’ve interviewed some amazing kiwi Supergays, click including an Olympic speed-skater on an anti-bullying mission, prostate two (very cute) openly gay air force officers, page and a member of New Zealand parliament with a passion for minority rights. We’ve also abseiled 100 meters down a cave, hiked a glacier, and camper-vanned our way through the breathtakingly gorgeous south island of New Zealand (photos click here).

The Bad: We’ve managed to crash two rental vehicles while pulling into two separate gas stations. We’ve driven down the right side of the road (which is the wrong side of the road in these parts of the world). And we’ve had some marital discord as we’ve transitioned from relative independence to spending nearly every second of the day together.

VIDEO: Before our official round-the-world trip, we spent two weeks in Mexico with Lisa’s family to wind-down. But all was not perfect in paradise as it’s not easy suddenly having to work, live and play together 24/7 with your significant other…

In spite of the conflicts caused by our different working styles, we have no regrets about taking on this project together. We’re slowly honing our filmmaking skills (feedback much appreciated on our video logs!), and we hope to entertain, inspire, and educate people with our interviews and stories.

As you know, we’ve set a fundraising goal of $6,000 by August 1 for this project. Thanks to the incredible generosity of our friends and community, we’ve managed to raise $2,606 to date via our Indiegogo campaign and another $1,500 via our launch party last month [photos click here]. This means we have 12 remaining days to raise the last $1,894. If you believe in our mission, please consider donating here. If you are unable to contribute financially, please consider helping us by spreading the news about our project.

I’m writing from a cafe in Sydney’s gay neighborhood where Lisa and I are seeking shelter from the never-ending rain (it is winter on this side of the equator after all). We’ve relied greatly on the generosity of friends and family (and friends’ family) to house us in New Zealand and Australia where the high cost of living and our sinking US currency would otherwise do serious damage to our budget. As a traveller, you open yourself up to becoming the recipient of hospitality from strangers, and we have gratefully received housing, meals and friendly company from so many wonderful people already.

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