Supergay Supporters Wall of Fame

We have been overwhelmed by the amount of support we’ve received from friends, family, and community. 

A tremendous thank you to our Supergay Supporters:

Shawn Hall
Monica Schwartz
Wileen Hsing
Maria Caruana
Cheryl Dumesnil
David Medina
Elise Tran
Hemal Doshi
Lorrie Norrington
Andre Haddad
Janice Gaeta
Gary Furlong
Krista Gaeta
Thao Smith
Michele Lago
Carrie Cangelosi
Rafael Grijalva
Karla Gil
Howard Law
Stacey Rodgers
Melissa Murphy
Beth Eggers
Pete and Marie Dorsey
Sarah Pastran
Susan & Frank Grijalva
Tanja De Coster
Erin Coe
Ami Cuneo
Candice Keller & Barbara Maher
Silvia Keller
Jennifer Scanlon & Connie Lane
Diane Jones
Robert Huggins
Gregg & Carolyn Kerlin
Julie Witt
Lou Amey
Nicolas Borg
Roland Luistro & Herbert Ramirez
Holly Hansen
Don Kirchman
Herve Keiffel
Jen Ratliff
Denise Winkowski
Irene Barraza
Jen Ratliff
Kyra Byrne
Karen Hillman
Juliana Terheyden
Autumn Francois
Leslie Geddes
Jody Cole
Angela Rivieccio
Catarina Teller
Karen Dazols & Joe Albers
Jean Terheyden
Dawn Lui
Bryant Sze & Duri Yun
Francie Faure
Kristina Bischel
Yang Tang
Maggie Martel
Gregory Boutte
Carol Gardener
Joshua Cowen
Leanne Pittsford
Leah Neaderthal
Cynthia Yeung
Christina Powers
Khoo Li Lian
Clare Huang
Adam Yerke
Li Ping Thon

And everyone who supported us at our fundraiser!

Also, a huge thanks to the bands and local businesses that made our fundraiser at Rebel Bar in San Francisco a success:


Valerie Orth: Valerie labels her own music as “hard folk” and draws on influences as diverse as Ani DiFranco and Me’shell N’degeocello, Zap Mama and Bjork. Still, Valerie’s dynamic range as a performer is made all the more compelling by what the East Bay Express calls a “completely intuitive composition style.” She just released her real debut, full-length album, Faraway City.

Judea Eden: From the fist-pumper to the tear jerker, Judea Eden is a master songwriter of “the good stuff”! Judea crafts tunes you will have stuck in your head long after the show. Her voice is one of those Etta James meets Jeanette Napolitano wonders that goes down sultry-smooth. Her seasoned band mates feature electric and acoustic guitars slick as whips, keyboards elastic as a rubber band, bass that digs deep under your skin, and drums that pound and pulsate like a love rollercoaster.

Camp Out: Camp Out is a female two-piece indie rock band from San Francisco. Combining heart-felt pop sensibility with modern looping, effects and synthesis, the band delivers a dynamic live performance that pushes the boundaries of what a two-piece indie rock band from San Francisco is capable of. From Curve Magazine: “Watch out, Tegan and Sara, there’s a new cute female duo making waves on the indie pop-rock scene. San Franciscans Maddy Hanks and Jackie Law make upbeat, lo-fi tunes that are sure to warm little gay hearts everywhere.”

Sweet Inspiration
Dolores Park Cafe
Every Six Weeks
Hand Job
Blue Restaurant
Sausage Factory
It’s All About You
Bisou Bistro
Castro Nail Salon
Mission Cliffs Climbing Gym
Rosie’s Rivet House
Sports Basement