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Video: Risky Work in Kenya

Throughout our month in Kenya, Jenni and I ask ourselves, “Would we continue our activism if we received death threats?” Truthfully, we’re not sure. Almost everyone we interviewed in Kenya have had their physical safety threatened at one time or another, and yet they all choose to continue their work. Supergay David Kuria, Kenya’s first […]

Trans In Kenya: A Woman Tells Her Story

It’s hard enough to survive as a gay or lesbian in Kenya. Living as a transperson in Kenya and trying to access medical care brings a different complexity. In Kenya public hospitals deny medical care to transgender people, and government offices refuse to change their identification. Jenni and I spend an afternoon with one pioneering […]

Kenyan Superallies: Reverends on a Mission

Would you be willing to stand up for a minority group that you weren’t a part of? What if it cost you your reputation? Your job? Maybe even your life? In Nairobi we met with two extraordinary individuals, Reverend Michael Kimindu, and Reverend John Makokha who run Other Sheep Africa and Other Sheep Afrika-Kenya, respectively. […]

What is Gay and Lesbian Life Like in Kenya?

  • March 15, 2012
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In November 2010 the Kenyan Prime Minister condemned homosexuality saying “If found, the homosexuals should be arrested and taken to relevant authorities.” Under international pressure, he retracted his statements days later, saying he only meant that same-sex marriages are illegal in Kenya. The Kenyan penal code criminalizes homosexual behavior with up to 14 years imprisonment […]

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