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Why My Domestic Partnership Just Isn’t Enough

I’ve been calling Jenni my partner now for a year and a half. Somewhere around the time I decided to quit my job and leave it all behind to travel with her, I shifted the label from “girlfriend” to “partner.” After all once we stepped foot out of San Francisco, we would truly become each […]

Video: Chile, A Step Closer to Home

  • August 23, 2012
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As a recent college grad back in 2001, signing up for a two and a half year commitment to volunteer in South America seemed like a such a huge change. Now my stint in Chile feels like it occurred a lifetime ago, and only when someone inquires why I speak Spanish or listen to Latin […]

How to Get an International Degree On a Shoestring

Knowing how much I loved travel, I considered staying a third year in graduate school to get a specialty in International Social Work. But in the end, I couldn’t validate spending $35,000 on tuition, room, and board for something that I could put together myself for far cheaper. Are you one of those people who […]

Video: Argentina, a Model of Equality

Without a doubt, Buenos Aires was one of our favorite cities to travel to this year. We got hooked into the night life at Queer Tango, where Jenni and I attempted (not very successfully) to learn Argentina’s national dance.¬†Experiencing a country with full equality laws was quite a culture shock for us. Our Argentine friends […]

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