Drum roll…After three years, The Film is Done!

Posted on November 4, 2014 by Jenni

Last week, Lisa and I celebrated our 6th anniversary together as a couple the way we have nearly every year before – dinner at the Cliff House restaurant, sun setting over Ocean Beach (might I add, it’s always been clear on this night despite our neighborhood’s foggy reputation), glass of champagne to start and a butterscotch pots de creme to finish. We had a special toast this year. When we started Out & Around, it was a small idea – born out of a need for purpose, a desire for adventure, and a hope to find other people in the world who were living lives that we could identify with. Now, this small idea has snowballed into something far bigger. Out of the 120 hours of amateur camera footage that we filmed, Directors Lauren Fash and Ryan Suffern and their team have created an engaging and inspiring story that Lisa… read more

What’s Going on with the Film?

Posted on June 9, 2014 by Jenni
Guerneville Wedding

Happy National Pride Month! This weekend Lisa and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary by having a lazy weekend at home. I just stepped off a 13-hour flight from Taipei after a two week trip visiting my parents. Despite exhaustion, I felt happy. While my family still has leagues to go before they’d qualify as being supportive of my marriage, they have come a long way. These past few months have seen Lisa being invited on a family weekend trip to San Diego and my parents spending a few nights with us during their Stateside visit. While you can’t erase biases overnight, I recognize that my parents are taking significant steps towards tolerance and acceptance. Similarly, things feel like they’re changing at quite a clip for the equality movement around the world. In the US, 20 States now have marriage equality, the latest being my birthplace of Wisconsin. Marriage truly makes… read more

A Huge Thank You

Posted on May 2, 2013 by Jenni

Hi friends, We have been incredibly humbled by your huge heart and generous spirit. We are so proud to be ending our Kickstarter campaign with over $36,000 raised from 373 different individuals. Thank you for caring about the cause of global equality and for making a difference at such a pivotal time in the history of lesbian, gay and transgendered rights. With this money, we have enough to take us through the post-production process and get this film made. This is a huge achievement, and we cannot be more proud of how far this project has come since we first came up with the idea to “find the Supergays” over 2 years ago. We will continue to apply for grants and look for other sources to fund the distribution and community organizing expenses of Out & Around, as our hope is to truly make a wide and actionable impact with… read more

Trailer Release: Help Bring our Supergay Journey to the Big Screen

Posted on February 21, 2013 by Jenni
J&L tshirts

Our journey did not end with the last plane ride home from Lima to San Francisco. For the past eight months, Lisa and I have been working to finish the project we started when we decided to leave our 9-5 jobs, pick up a video camera, and travel through Asia, Africa and South America in search of the people who are leading the movement for gay, lesbian and transgender equality. After bringing our project to many different filmmakers, we decided to partner with producer and director Lauren Fash and Susan Graham. Once you watch their award-winning film Quiet and hear their passion about human rights, you’d understand why we felt they were the right people to take our ‘baby’ and bring it to life. Today, we are releasing the trailer of our film and kicking off a $30,000 fundraising campaign to pay for post-production costs. Could you give me a… read more

Why My Domestic Partnership Just Isn’t Enough

Posted on September 4, 2012 by Lisa
2012-08-11 at 09-21-12

I’ve been calling Jenni my partner now for a year and a half. Somewhere around the time I decided to quit my job and leave it all behind to travel with her, I shifted the label from “girlfriend” to “partner.” After all once we stepped foot out of San Francisco, we would truly become each other’s only sense of ‘home.’ Now that we’re engaged, living together for the first time and spending our weekends at IKEA, we feel married. I figure that if we can survive 365 days of traveling together, it’s a good test of our long-term commitment. We’ve merged our financial accounts and our social schedules. And most importantly, we’ve booked a wedding date for next June. While we’re not having our public ceremony for another 10 months, we’ve felt somewhat vulnerable without legal protections so we decided to complete our domestic partnership paperwork. Expecting a complicated process,… read more

Video: Chile, A Step Closer to Home

Posted on August 23, 2012 by Lisa

As a recent college grad back in 2001, signing up for a two and a half year commitment to volunteer in South America seemed like a such a huge change. Now my stint in Chile feels like it occurred a lifetime ago, and only when someone inquires why I speak Spanish or listen to Latin music do I casually mention, “Oh yeah, I used to live in Chile.” Looking back twelve years later, I attribute this period of my life to sparking my career in social work. Yet it was also a difficult time as I struggled with my identity as a lesbian. Out of fear of losing my job, I chose to stay in the closet in Chile and pretend that I was straight in order to assimilate into their society. At the end of my volunteer period, I happily returned home to San Francisco where I could be… read more